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Django doesn’t have any definitive way that you should follow to structure your applications. There are many discussions about the best practice for structuring Django projects.

But Django provides you with a default structure when you create a project. …

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The time module in Python provides many functionalities to represent and work with time in our code. We can represent time in different formats, convert time from one format to another, use time in our code as per the need using the time module.

In this article, you will get…

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Designing the database is one of the most important parts of building a web application. If you’re using a relational database, maintaining proper relationships between the tables is a must.

Each model in a Django application represents a database table. By default, Django models operate on Relational Database Management System…

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The math module in Python deals with mathematical calculations. It deals with many advanced mathematical operations, such as exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. So, for financial, scientific, or math-related projects the math module will come in handy.

Under the hood, the Python math module uses the mathematical functions defined by…

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Sometimes, it is better to access data from the browser rather than sending requests to the server. The 3 ways to store data in the browser are Cookies, Local Storage, and Session Storage. Depending on the needs any one of them is used to store data in the browser.


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Modularization is the technique of splitting a large programming task into smaller, separate and manageable subtasks. Python is a modular programming language like most modern programming languages. Functions, modules, and packages in Python promote modularity. In this writing, we will discuss Python modules and packages in detail.

Python Modules

Every Python file…


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Binary search is an important searching algorithm that every programmer studies at some point. Binary search and other variants of it are frequently asked questions in coding interviews.

This article is to show you how the binary search algorithm works and how to implement it using Python. Let’s get started!

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Though a resume alone can’t get you your desired job, having a good resume can make a significant difference. Your resume is your first impression. So if you spend some time perfecting your resume, the effort will be well worth it.

A simple black and white format is still the…

Beginner JavaScript

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Today I will share with you a beginner-friendly project that you can build with Vanilla JavaScript. Although there are many good JavaScript frameworks available, understanding the fundamentals of a language is important.

As a beginner in JavaScript myself, I was searching for some fun practice projects that I can build…

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