How to create virtual environments and requirements.txt for our Python project

Woman coding with two monitors and a laptop
Woman coding with two monitors and a laptop
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Why Should We Care About Virtual Environments?

A brief introduction to functional programming in Python

a calculator and a scale ruler
a calculator and a scale ruler
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What is functional programming?

How to convert .py to .exe using Auto PY to EXE

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Installing Auto PY to EXE

Installing using pip

Understand the Model-View-Template architecture of a Django application

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What is MVT

How to handle signup, login and logout in Django using the “UserCreationForm”

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Initial Setup

django-admin startproject demo
python startapp users

Understanding of mutable and immutable objects in Python with example.

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Create a profile card for your website with hover effects using some simple CSS

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File structure

Host a static website on GitHub for free

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  • You must have a GitHub account.
  • You must have git installed on your machine and know the basic git commands.

Basic understanding of sets in Python

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Understand the basics of Python decorators and learn how to create general-purpose decorators using *args & **kwargs.

Python decorators
Python decorators
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A decorator is a design pattern in Python that allows a user to add new functionality to an existing object without modifying its structure. Decorators are usually called before the definition of a function you want to decorate. — Datacamp’s definition of a decorator.

@decorator_name def…

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