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One-to-One, One-to-Many, and Many-to-Many relationships in Django

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Some important use cases of the Python math module

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Table of Contents:· Getting Started
· Constants…

Cookies, local storage, and session storage

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Table of Contents:· Cookies vs Local Storage vs Session Storage
· Cookies
Access cookies with JavaScript
· Local Storage
Access local storage with JavaScript
· Session Storage

Explore the concept of modules and packages to modularize your Python code.

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Python Modules

Every Python file is a module. If you create a file with .py extension that has some actual Python code in it, you’ve created a Python module.


Understand the binary search Algorithm and learn to implement it in Python

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Table of Contents:
· Searching in General (Linear Search)
· Binary Search Algorithm
· Implementation of Binary Search in Python
· Resources

Searching in General (Linear Search)

There are many searching algorithms studied in Computer Science. But everyone starts learning searching algorithms with the simplest one among them, linear search.

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Showcase your HTML and CSS skills by making your own resume

Beginner JavaScript

Practice JacaScript by building a simple temperature converter

Cover photo | Screenshot of the application
Temperature Converter | Screenshot by author | Background photo by Brady Knoll from Pexels
Table of Contents:
· Overview of the Project
· Project Structure
· The HTML
· The CSS
· Writing the Logic in JS
· Conclusion
· Resources

Learn several methods to remove duplicate values from a Python list

Image by author
  1. The given list is not sorted
Table of Contents:· Removing Duplicates From a Sorted List
· Removing Duplicates From an Unsorted List
Using for loop
Using set
Using OrderedDict
Using Numpy
Using Pandas

Removing Duplicates From a Sorted List

We will have some advantages if the list is in sorted order. If the list is sorted, we can compare the two values next to each…

Learn how comprehensions work in Python lists, sets, and dictionaries

Python list, set and dictionary comprehensions
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